Oracle Cloud Database(12.2)

How to Create, access and monitor an Oracle Cloud(12.2) database

Creating an Oracle Cloud database(Quick Start)

Creating an SSH connection to an Oracle Cloud Database

Monitoring an Oracle Cloud Database

Oracle 12c RAC Installation

Step by step instructions on installing Oracle 12c(12.1) RAC database on an Oracle Linux 6 system

Introduction and Storage Setup

Prepare Servers for Grid and ASM Installation

Install Grid software: Setup Grid and ASM services

Install Database software and Create a Database

Setup SQL Plan Baselines

Topics covered include:
Comparison of SQL Profile and SQL Plan Baselines
Automatic and Manual setup of SQL Plan Baselines
Copying SQL Plan another database

SQL Plan Baselines.html

SQL Performance Tuning

Notes on SQL Performance Tuning

Topics covered include:
Determing if the Optimizer estimations are correct
Is an Index necessary and on which columns
Should hints be used and which ones to consider.

Notes on SQL Performance Tuning(pdf)

EXPDP/IMPDP Utilities Quick Reference Guides

Export/Import Data Pump:
List of available parameters and usage examples

EXPDP parameters and examples

IMPDP parameters and examples

Oracle 10g RAC Database Installation(Solaris)

Step by step instructions on installing Oracle 10g Database on Solaris 10 using ASM to build the mountpoints on an iSCSI SAN

Topics covered include:
Installing the CRS(Cluster Ready Services using Oracle Universal Installer
How to create Raw Devices on an iSCSI SAN.
Installing Oracle ASM(Automatic Storage Management) software.
Installing the Oracle 10g Software.

Install Cookbook for Oracle 10g RAC Database on Solaris 10 (pdf)

Building an Oracle 10g RAC Database on Linux

Overview of the merits of a RAC database and step by step instructions on installation of an Oracle database on Linux

Topics covered include:
Creating Raw Devices on an iSCSI SAN
Setting up a high speed(GigE) network connection, including configuring channel-bonding
Installing OCFS(Oracle Cluster File System)
Installing the Cluster and Database software

Building an Oracle 10g RAC Database (using Linux,iSCSI and SAN) (pdf)