Full Database Backup

Korn shell script that invokes RMAN to do a full database backup. Email or text messaage is sent when the script and backup are completed.


Backup Archivelog Files

Korn shell script that checks the Archivelog files mountpoint size. If the space used is above a given threshold an RMAN backup is initiated and an email alert is sent.


Compile Invalid Database Objects

sql script to compile all invalid database objects


Show Database and Tablespace Sizes

Determine total database size and tablespace sizes ordered by free space.


Export database information to an external file

ETL script for exporting names and contact information to an external file.


Find and Remove Duplicate Data

sql script to find and remove duplicate rows of data within a table


Table Foreign Key Primary Key Relations

Determine the foreign key and primary key relations for a given table.


Calculate Future Value of Money

Determine the future value or present value of a given dollar amount